Past Events

Talk Tuesday November 6th 2018

Aneela McKenna – 100 Years of Women in Cycling

Cycling has long been associated with the emancipation of women – from the suffragette days of bikes n’ bloomers to the modern day revolution of women on mountain bikes. In this session, Aneela McKenna from Go Where Scotland, mountain bike guide and adventurist celebrates the legacy of ‘bicycling for ladies! She’ll take you on a journey of bikes and their role in women’s emancipation. In the spirit of the suffragette movement and penny farthings, she will share her personal stories and sisterhood giggles, and her passion for the simple act of riding bikes.

Apple Day Saturday October 6th 2018

Celebrate all things Apple with us. Press your own juice (you can bring your own apple harvest), make a crumble or taste different varieties from the heritage orchard on the estate. 11am-4pm in The Stable Yard. Free.

Talk Tuesday October 9th 2018

‘What Would Boudicca Do?’

Don’t miss the chance to hear the authors of the book ‘What Would Boudicca Do?: Everyday Problems Solved by History’s Most Remarkable Women’ 

The book has been getting plenty of national publicity since its release a couple of weeks ago and we are excited that we are hosting a talk by the authors. It promises to be funny, informative and inspiring. Come along and hear Beth Coates and Elizabeth Foley showing how you can take inspiration from the supergirls of history to help you conquer modern day problems!

Talk Tuesday  July7 2018

Shami Chakrabarti

CET is honoured to welcome Shami Chakrabarti to talk about her latest book ‘Of Women: In the 21st Century’. She says ‘We have not yet done enough to create a more equal world: one where women and men share power, responsibility and opportunity. One that is potentially happier and more peaceful, where no life is wasted, and everyone has a chance to fulfil their potential’.
There will be time for Q&A after the talk.

Talk Tuesday July 10 2018  

Dorothie Feilding

Suzy Denbigh tells the fascinating story of Dorothie Feilding, a local World War I war heroine who shunned her aristocratic background to become a volunteer nurse on the battlefield and was the first woman to be awarded the military medal for bravery in the field.