Cotesbach Archive

for Archive services

Access to the Archive’s documents                                                            free
Assistance to visitors by archive staff                                                        free
Answering (brief) emailed enquiries                                                            free
Use of own camera in the Archive                                                                free
Black and white photocopy (A4)                                                                    50p
Black and white photocopy (A3)                                                                    60p
Colour photocopy (A4)                                                                                        £1
Colour photocopy (A3)                                                                                        £2
Scan or photograph & print B&W (photo quality A4)                          £3.40
Ditto – colour                                                                                                            £5
Scan or photograph then email (per image)                                             £1
Send copies by post (second class, up to 10 sheets)                          £1.60

Transcription service, per hour                                                                       £10
Photo restoration service, per hour                                                             £10
Family history research service, per hour                                                 £10

*Cotesbach Educational Trust is a registered charity (1126840) established
in 2009. We are dependent on donations, grants and the work of volunteers.
These charges for Archive services are classed as charitable donations and
may be eligible for gift aid.
To support our work with a regular financial contribution, please ask about
our Patrons’ Scheme. Patrons are exempt from Archive charges.