C.E.T Trustee Role Description

The principal duties of a member of the Board of the Cotesbach Education Trust are collectively held and are:


  1. To hold ultimate authority and accountability for the governance of the Cotesbach Educational Trust (CET), ensuring that the company complies in all respects with the law and the best principles of corporate governance.


  1. To ensure that the CET fulfils its charitable objectives (including the terms and conditions of grants given to it as a charity) and acts within its powers.


  1. To ensure that the CET’s assets are safeguarded, well managed and well maintained.


  1. To approve the company’s mission, aims and objects, to monitor its work and to review and evaluate its results.


  1. To develop an understanding of the company’s business strategy such as to enable the Board to consider and approve its year on year business plan, setting its key priorities and financial targets.


  1. To ensure that the CET delivers a programme of events and activities to engage audiences and visitors to the archive.


  1. To ensure the prudent financial management of the company and, in particular, to discuss, set and review annual budgets and to scrutinise periodic statements of account.


  1. To support the collective effort in raising funds for the company.


  1. To appoint the Chair of the CET.


  1. To appoint (and to determine the renewal or otherwise of the appointment) of employees and set the terms and conditions of employment.









  1. To set the boundaries of the delegation of powers to its Chair or nominated Committee(s).


  1. To support the work of the CET by attending events and by acting as its ambassador and advocate amongst private and professional networks of friends and colleagues.


  1. To attend and contribute to meetings of the Board and, in so doing, to act at all times in the sole interests of the company.


  1. To respect the confidentiality of proceedings of the Trust.






The full Board meets formally no less than 4 times a year.  The Annual General Meeting is held once a year, normally to coincide with a Board meeting.


With effect from November 2016 CET and its activities will be largely organised on a voluntary basis. Trustees will be expected to play a full part in organising and delivering activities alongside other volunteers.


The Board will establish a project group or groups in order to deliver individual projects. Each group will require the involvement of two trustees in order to ensure that the project is delivered within an approved budget and that funds have been secured in advance to guarantee the project as appropriate.


Any Trustee who fails to attend Board or committee meetings on more than 50% of the available opportunities in a year may be asked by the Chair to resign.


Trustees are appointed on a rotating system, as set out in the memorandum and articles, whereby one third of the trustees retire each year. Trustees may be re-elected for a further term.



General person specification


  • Interest in the Cotesbach archive
  • Interest in social, rural and family history
  • Enthusiasm for the mission and work of the CET
  • Prepared to make a personal commitment of time to support the delivery of the CET’s activities
  • Relevant experience within a voluntary, charitable or educational organisation
  • Good interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to think and act strategically
  • Numeracy sufficient to enable understanding and interpretation of budgets and accounts
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Willingness to use networks of influence for the CET’s benefit