Eve Marriott’s WW1 Diary February 1915



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1st February

Mr Jameson came to lunch.

Hospital ship ‘Asturias’ attacked by German submarine off Le Havre. Bread and flour rations introduced in Germany


2nd February

A nasty wet day. Sewing party at the Rectory.

Turkish advance-guards reached the Suez Canal


3rd February

Kate Gilbert came in and Edie Sedgwick, Gwen Inglis & Mrs Christopher S. came to tea.

Beginning of action on the Suez Canal


4th February

Dined at Coton. We arrived there very late as of course father was not ready and we had Walker’s motor which is easily the most foul conveyance I have ever been in. Arrived dishevelled and cross and very late to find a whole room full of officers from the regiments which are now in billets at Rugby. There were about 8 of them (Mr James & father were the only civilians) & they were in all different uniforms. It really was a most excellent basic dinner party. Some were in the old dark blue one never sees now and some in khaki. I sat between a nice Captain in the Border Regiment to whom I talked about my dear Dexo to my heart’s content, and a plain but pleasant person called Capt Gofton who was a Swiss. Afterwards played “coon-can”. Nobody knew the rules, needless to say! Mrs J had a lovely dress & rich emeralds.

German Government announcement that submarine blockade of Great Britain was to begin on 18th February.


5th February

No entry by Eve

British, French and Russian Governments agreed to pool their financial resources. Numbers in the British Army reached an estimated 3 million


6th February

Went to see 2 Belgian girls who had just arrived at Aunt Mary’s. Both quite nice girls, apparently. The younger one is quite pretty, the other one plainer and older. She (the older one) never ceased talking in very bad French the whole time, but she was much easier to understand & I think they are superior people. I talked to them with a fair amount of success, but not very fluently. Jim came home.

British S.S. “Lusitania” arrived at Liverpool flying United States flag.


7th February

A horrible day, windy and wet and beastly. Went to Church and bicycled over to Bitteswell afterwards and had lunch with the Youngs. A Mr & Mrs Leadbitter were there who had lately come to live at Swinford. A tall man and a little rather attractive woman with an ugly laugh; both were the sort that can talk about nothing, apparently. Dollie Donaldson that was now a Mrs Fulford came in for lunch.

Heavy German attack at Bagatelle on the Western Front


9th February

1st Canadian Division crossed from England to France.


11th February

Nestor Lloyd came over in the evening and stayed to tea and while she was there Kitty Mansfield came to stay looking most flourishing but rather sad about Arthur Charles who had yesterday died from the result of his wounds which he got sometime quite early in the war. It is very distressing for them all as he had been wounded in the head and had more than one fearful operation. I’m sorry for his people and the girl he is engaged to. Esther came back.


12th February

Esther, Kitty and I walked over to Bitteswell to the meet there. We waited for some time on the green and then we were told it was at the Hall so walked on there. Lots of people were out for a wander and it was a lovely morning. Over a few fields towards Claybrooke and then came home. Cecil Stocks came to lunch and then Jim turned up for the weekend rather to our surprise. He is getting a new job which he is rather mysterious about. It is something to do with wireless but we do not quite know what. Kitty and I took Rough for a short walk. Fred turned up about dinner time.

Raid by 34 British Naval aeroplanes on Ostend, Zeebrugge and other sites in Belgium.


13th February

A beastly and foul day. Snowing, freezing and everything that is horrible. Drove down to the station and only just caught the train to Leicester as we had to walk the last part of the way into Lutterworth from Hill House. Saw the Youngs and R.H. at Leicester station. Spent most of our time in shops and stores but did not do much somehow. Then had lunch at Millers during which Edie Sedgwick and Mrs Fulford came and talked to us. Went with K. Flowers to the Midland station and she then went over to Oakham to Arthur’s funeral clad mainly in my clothes, and I did a few more things and then caught the 1.15 home. Poor Kitty got back about dinner time. She said it was not quite so cold as we expected. It was a memorable funeral but the fact was it was rather spoilt, apparently, by the firing of the most inexperienced territorials who did their part very badly. She said Mr Charles and Arthur’s girl were splendid. Digby came up with her in the taxi so we had all three boys.


14th February

Went to Church. The Belgians came in afterwards, or rather Jeanne did and all the family gathered round in a circle. Mabel came to tea on her way back from Coton. Fred and Digby left by a train about 8.00.


15th February

Jim went back to London before we were downstairs.

Entente Governments suggested to Greek Government that Greece should intervene in support of Serbia, and promised military support at Salonika.


16th February

A nasty day. Stayed indoors with K most of the time. The Belgians came to tea. K was braver than on Sunday.

British Government decided to send a division (the 29th) to the Dardanelles.


17th February

No entry by Eve


18th February

Kitty went away. Perfectly beastly day. Walked down to Lutterworth to see D. Goodacre, but was not allowed to call.

Fierce fighting near Arras, in Champagne, near Verdun and in Alsace.


19th February

Bicycled into Rugby and did a little shopping and saw a woman at the Registry Office and called on Mollie Hardy, who is likely to leave next week to join her husband at Sheerness.

Bombardment of forts at entrance to Dardanelles by 5 British and 3 French battleships and battle-cruisers.


20th February

Did a little gardening. Jim came down for Sunday. It appears that he is getting his new job which is still rather a mystery apparently. He does not know if he is Private or Sergeant or whatever but something in the Royal Engineers and if the Kaiser gets to know exactly what, then all is up with us. He is to come to Lords every day and practise drilling and messing about with wireless apparatus and get splendid pay which is better than the other two boys.

German forces gained small amount of ground near Ypres.


21st February

Went to Church and strolled down to M’s cottage with Jim afterwards. Called on the Belgians. Jim went back to London.

German aeroplanes dropped bombs on Colchester, but without damage.


22nd February

Father in bed and rather sorry for himself. They are supposed to be going to Walcot tomorrow.

Calais bombed by Zeppelin. Heavy bombardment of Rheims with damage to the cathedral


23rd February

Mother went to Walcot. There is nothing worthy to write about this week as E and I and Father all had bad throats and were not able to go out much or do anything.

Seven merchant ships sunk by German submarines in first week of blockade of British ports


26th February

Esther heard from Muriel who was coming here next week that Geoffrey has caught a wound in his leg and a bullet in his arm and is in hospital at Le Havre. The War Office just sent them a telegram to say he was wounded and no more, so they were very worried, poor things. They had a letter from home which sounds as if he is not too bad.


27th February

Jim came down in his new uniform which is really not quite so bad as a Private’s usually is. It is quite plain with no badges or buttons just a leather cross strap. There is nothing to give a sign of his identity at all.


28th February

Heard from Mrs M. that Geoff is in hospital at Osborne but they did not seem to know how he is. Jim went back.

Further bombing of Reims cathedral and Soissons.