From the archive: A new lease of life.

Work in progress, the beginnings of our new mosaic. May 2021.
Minton tiles from the conservatory at the Hall, now incorporated into the mosaic.

The new CET mosaic has many resonances in our Archive. We have receipts, invoices and inventories concerning domestic goods such as china dating back to the eighteenth century. One element of the design, the Minton tiles from the conservatory at the Hall, can be related precisely to Archive documents and dated to early in 1881.

At that time, a complete refurbishment of the Hall was taking place, prompted by Charles Marriott’s recent marriage to Kitty Fellowes (1851-1882). What follows is a transcription of part of a letter sent by the architect overseeing the project:

“I think Mr Marriott clearly understands that none of these prices include the tile floor, and the one he has chosen which is the cheapest Mosaic in Minton & Co’s list would with laying come to £30 to £35 more;- the more border there is the less this floor will cost.”

From a letter sent by W. Cowdell (architect), dated 2nd December 1880. [Doc. number CEA/3/1/10/3766.1.a]