From the archive: Christmas Fare

It seems that struggling to find a suitable gift is an issue that has long been perplexing people…

The back page of this 1940s magazine called ‘Christmas Fare’ shows a range of ‘useful’ gas appliances! Imagine tearing off the wrapping paper on Christmas morning to find you have been given a soldering iron heater!

Here is the list of items pictured, sure to thrill even the most tricky to buy for…

If you are struggling to read the text it says:

Above is shown a selection of useful gas appliances .A gift of one or other of these at Christmas will be highly appreciated by some friend or member of the family. 

  1. Internally-heated gas iron.
  2. Soldering iron heater
  3. Table lamp
  4. Cigarette lighter
  5. Portable bowl heater and fire screen
  6. Food warmer
  7. Casserole
  8. Silk shaded pendant
  9. Bayonet gas connector for portable gas appliances
  10. Clothes drying and airing cabinet
  11. Portable bowl heater
  12. Greenhouse heater
  13. Pyramid toaster
  14. Gas poker burner
  15. Curling tongs and lace iron heater
  16. Portable heater
  17. Portable gas fire and fire screen
  18. Coffee percolator
  19. Sealing wax heater