New project: ‘Reconnect 2020’

Our theme for next year, ‘Reconnect 2020’, is about ecology, land use and climate change.

We are curating a programme of talks, walks, workshops, events, displays, cross curricular educational activities and volunteer opportunities, which embed positive messages about low carbon lifestyles, protecting biodiversity and small scale farming, exploring issues around food and growing, and providing access to high quality produce, key to the well-being and future of people and the soil

We will encourage a diverse and practical approach to learning, engaging the senses, developing relationships, sharing ideas and challenging mainstream practice. Collaboration with Cotesbach Estate provides access to historic, unspoilt environmental resources including the organic garden and farmland. And our unique archive is a mine of historic perspective, stories of lives before fossil fuels, as unimaginable to us as our lives would be to them. As technology saps intuition, increasing vulnerability to mental illness, so people crave the comparative simplicity of the past. Yet the past reveals anything but ‘simple’: hardship, economic upheaval, social inequality, amongst many factors which changed and shaped the land – so what does this teach us about ourselves and how can this knowledge help us build a better future? 

CET aspires to be part of culture in the making as well as offering a doorway to the past. We hope this project will help attract creative initiatives, a sense of belonging, an awareness of our evolving charity and how it can benefit many – in time, we hope, becoming a resilient hub, with regional, national and global reach through partnerships with individuals and related organisations.

‘Reconnect 2020’ will help promote the core purpose of Cotesbach Educational Trust, and its vision, equally relevant today as at the launch of our organisation in 2007, of:

  ‘Reconnecting with place and land to develop skills for the future’