Eve Marriott’s WW1 Diary 1915 – January

1915 1st January A nasty wet day as usual. Stayed indoors as it simply poured almost the whole time. H.M.S. “Formidable” sunk by German submarine in the English Channel. 1915 2nd January Mother went to Leicester to try and get a little sense out of the VAD people, but did not do much good. Jim suddenly turned up about dinner time. Grand Duke Nicholas of Russia appealed to Britain for assistance against…

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From the Archive: A remarkable harvest.

High up on a sheltered, well lit corner of a wall in an outbuilding at Cotesbach Hall can be deciphered a faint scribbling entitled ‘TOTAL TATERS 1920’ [1].  The unmistakeable hand of Rowley Marriott (1899-1992) can be discerned listing the weight of potatoes yielded from each of three areas in the walled garden, to a total imperial equivalent of 1,238 kg, nearly three times what we considered to be an exceptional yield…

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From the archive: Christmas Fare

It seems that struggling to find a suitable gift is an issue that has long been perplexing people... The back page of this 1940s magazine called 'Christmas Fare' shows a range of 'useful' gas appliances! Imagine tearing off the wrapping paper on Christmas morning to find you have been given a soldering iron heater!Here is the list of items pictured, sure to thrill even the most tricky to buy for... If you…

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From the Archive: Cotesbach and the East London Hospital for Children.

Archive document .3588.1.a : ‘Account of offertory alms, Cotesbach.’ One Sunday in 1872, the Cotesbach Church collection money (more than £5, as documented in the above ledger) was sent to a tiny hospital in Ratcliff Cross in the East End of London. What prompted the people of the rural village to support so generously such a seemingly insignificant cause? The answer involves an epidemic, a hospital romance and Charles Dickens.There was an…

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Pasta shortage? Try making your own!

Thank you to Sam Rouse of Cork & Fork for allowing us to share his recipe. Fresh homemade pasta Ingredients 6 large free-range eggs 600 g Tipo '00' flour Method Place the flour on a board or in a bowl. Make a well in the centre and crack the eggs into it. Beat the eggs with a fork until smooth. Using the tips of your fingers, mix the eggs with the flour,…

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CET – temporary suspension of talks, classes and events.

It will come as no surprise that we are postponing all our talks, events and classes. We will continue to follow Government guidelines and monitor the situation. If you have purchased a ticket to one of our upcoming classes then we hope that we will be able to reschedule these for later in the year, you will receive an e-mail via Eventbrite letting you know that the class is postponed and you…

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From the Archive: Maxim’s Pipe of Peace

Are those winter coughs and colds still lingering? Maybe the Archive can help. This “Pipe of Peace” medical device (delivered to Cotesbach in 1916) was one of many thousands produced in the early twentieth century to treat throat and chest problems such as bronchitis. Soothing vapours could be delivered right to the back of the throat via a long glass tube. Maxim himself began suffering with bronchitis in 1900 and spent many…

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The Madness of King George III

13th November 1810 (Tuesday). “The times are very awful.” ‘My dear Robert’, wrote George Wharton Marriott (a London-based lawyer) to his brother, the Rector of Cotesbach in the Leicestershire countryside, “If I could have found time I should have written to you on Saturday merely to give the good tidings then received of the King. He has since that time not proceeded uninterruptedly towards recovery, but the retrograde steps have not been very important.”…

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National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day is a UK-wide celebration of poetry taking place on the first Thursday in October. The theme for 2019 is ‘Truth’ so this hymn, written by the Rev. John Marriott, contained in our archive seems appropriate. Spirit of Truth and Love,Life giving Holy Dove,Speed forth thy Flight.Move o’er the Water’s faceBearing the Lamp of Grace,And in Earth’s darkest place“Let there be Light”.

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