Review of November Talk Tuesday:

Pat Thomas – Green Wash and Green Wisdom

Pat Thomas delivered a truly thought provoking talk on the subject of ‘Sustainability’ to a packed Schoolhouse on 5/11.  Igniting our ‘RECONNECT 2020’ theme for bonfire night, she gave us plenty to kindle the flames.  Visualising global population growth the image ‘Empty World/Full World’ led to the questioning of fundamental values: local vs global, accumulation vs adaptation, and exploration of critical areas including food, energy, land and fashion. A lively discussion brought out people’s shared concern and understanding, largely echoing Pat’s viewpoint that the ideas of ‘having it all’ and ‘sustainable living’ are inherently incompatible.  We are immensely grateful to Pat for giving her time on a subject which could not be more relevant right now, as well as helping to build on the core vision of CET. 

Please visit Pat’s website, especially if you requested her follow up on:  ‘Reasonable Questions to Ask About Any New Technology’ – it’s all there and more!

And if you attended the talk and have any views or reflections you would like to share or indeed any speaker recommendations – all welcome, please get in touch.

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