Spotlight on Watercolours

Thanks to an enquiry from The Watercolour World early this year, the benefit of up to date scanning technology and a huge volunteer effort, sketches and watercolours of Cotesbach and by Cotesbach family are now available for viewing online at

This marvellous website is a window on the world before colour photography, making our collection viewable alongside others without compromising its care and management and enlivening even the most elaborate description in a way so approachable for us today. Thus, for example, 14 year old Lucy helps us imagine the scenario when a carriage wheel needed repair in 1836 (scroll down to see this).  In 1844, Lucy married Fitzherbert’s cousin James Marriott of Cotesbach (later Goulton Constable), becoming vicar’s wife and good lady of Cotesbach whose duty was to the wellbeing of the village congregation – Elizabeth Bradford amongst them, worried sick perhaps about her nephew Jabez in far away Van Diemens Land she might never see again and whether Fitzherbert might console him with a kind word or two? Beyond the facts we can indulge our imaginations, and the pictures help this – aspects of that world which Lucy records are so precious in helping our understanding and acceptance of change.