What we are looking for



  • There is a range of roles that any Board of Trustees needs to fill & CET is no different. It is also not surprising that with a change in operational model we are also likely to see some turnover in those involved in the governance of the Trust & therefore the need for fresh faces to fill the gaps.
  • This need is all the greater with CET becoming a largely volunteer organisation [at least for the short term] where the roles of previously paid staff will need to be taken over by volunteers.
  • What we are looking for, therefore, are not only people who have the skills and experience necessary to share the general responsibilities of Trusteeship [see Trustee Role Description] but also those who have the time and enthusiasm to be involved in the day to day operations of CET.
  • In terms of specific skills we already know that we would benefit from more trustee input in the fields of financial planning, fund raising, marketing & communications, company secretary, education & heritage links …..so, if you feel that you have anything that you could offer in these areas then we would be delighted to hear from you. Similarly, if you feel that you might be interested at an appropriate point, in giving leadership to the Trust as its chair, then we would also be keen to hear from you.
  • However, please don’t be deterred from expressing an interest if you feel that you don’t match any of the specific skills above because there will be plenty of opportunity for anyone with general life skills & bags of enthusiasm to be involved.




  • It may be that, having read the above, you feel you might like to be involved with CET but are unsure about whether you are able to make the commitment to becoming a trustee. Please do be in touch with us if this is the case as we also welcome volunteers who are keen to be involved with the running of CET but without also being a trustee. Looking ahead there is bound to be a niche for most people.


Still interested? Have a look at ‘What Next’.